Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on Arts Funding Campaign

From Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania:

Today, as I review the images of the Save the Arts Rally, I am reminded of the wonderful spirit that embodies arts advocates. We are passionate, if anything, about our cause and the effects the arts have on each and every Pennsylvanian. I hope I can count on you to help us continue our Save the Arts in PA campaign by taking a few more steps:

We are now conducting a "FAX the FACTS" campaign. We are asking you to send faxes, by Friday, July 17, to your legislators indicating your support of state arts funding. We've created a letter template that you can adapt to your specific community. You can locate your legislators FAX numbers at Please send copies of your faxes to Jenny Hershour at so we can keep track of which legislators received letters. Include a copy of either the Arts & Economic Prosperity III statewide study summary or one of the local community studies.

We have created a press release template about the rally for your use. Insert information about your organization and send it to your local newspaper/news outlet. Suggest they use it a basis for a story.

Post your digital photos online and direct reporters to your online site so they can use photos with their stories. A Save the Arts Rally Flickr site has been created so you can upload your photos.

If you do see a story about the Save the Arts in PA Rally, please send an e-mail to Jenny Hershour at We will obtain a copy of the story and send it to your legislators.

If you attended the rally and met with your legislators, drop us a line at to let us know how your visit went. Did your legislator tell you that he/she supported arts funding? What will they do to insure that arts funding is included in the final version of the FY 09-10 Budget bill? Thanks for all of your help and support. Let's start those FAXES!

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