Monday, July 13, 2009

Check out the Calendar!

Hi Chensters and art enthusiasts. This is a friendly reminder that there are all sorts of activities posted on the Chen Arts Group Calendar right above this post.

Chensters are welcome to email their events for listing in the calendar. If you scroll down, you'll see fun events going on now, like Argentine tango classes, art openings, life drawing, and free, live music. Chen Arts participants can feel free to submit events (email:*at* and check back regularly for art happenings.


Mrs. Dottie said...

Some news: I spoke with fellow Chenster RO Geseck, who has completed a mural at Central Elementary's new playground. She said she had a blast working with the students.
I am hoping to get there to take photos soon and post something.

Also, Tango in West Park is happening on Monday nights with Sharon Hillman. Our condolences to Sharon on the recent loss of her dad.

Welcome back Sarah, hope you guys had a fun time on vacation!

Sarah said...

Thanks. It was very relaxing, unfortunately that feeling wears off too fast!