Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meeting Notes 7/25/09

Thanks to all who attended our get together this past Saturday night at House of Chen. As always, it was fun to share some good food and enjoyable conversation with friends!

Georgine began our discussion with a great idea. On Sept. 11 there will be a pro cycling race in Allentown which will draw many people to Hamilton St. Perhaps the Chen Arts Group could set up a show in the "Hamilton For Rent" storefronts or on the street outside the storefronts. We will contact Yodi and find out if this is possible.

Sarah F and Susan W spoke about the upcoming "Day of the Dead" Halloween Celebration on 7th St. and how our group can participate with pumpkin carving, or maybe some kind of ghoulish creative venture. The event will be held on Halloween in the 300-600 block of 7th St. More about this later.

Sarah also spoke about the success of our recent AAM Show. She reported that the registrar at the museum said it was the best turnout she has seen for a Community Room Show, and that she received the most inquiries. Bill V reported that he spoke with a museum employee who told him that the museum staff was impressed with the turnout and also with the quality of the art work. We discussed the possibility of doing this show again next year. Thanks Sarah!

Joe Skrapits reported on the progress of 808 Hamilton St. (Site for a new arts center) He was able to keep repair costs low, and the elevator will be functioning. There will be a new theatre co. occupying the 4th floor. And Susan will be sending me info regarding a free art workshop on Saturdays for kids where Yodi and other local artists will be teaching projects such as mask making. The workshop is being held on 7th St. in a church. Details and info to follow.
Lots of exciting news about the arts in Allentown. Stay tuned. Get involved!

Angie Villa


Mrs. Dottie said...

Forgot to mention, photo by Gianni Villa!

Sarah said...

Another fun photo from our group photojournalist.

M said...

hey can you ladies put me back on the mailing list..I've been working on rebuilding up my portfolio for future shows..i would appreciate it :) ~M

Chris Neyen said...

Sorry I could not attend.

Mrs. Dottie said...


I don't think you were removed from the list, but I will check backchannel with Sarah.

Glad to hear that you are working on your art, let us know if you want us to link to your website.