Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Artists in MOMENTUM

Here is a list of artists who exhibited work in the MOMENTUM show. We will be working on putting up bios and links to all Chen artists. Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone. Right now I have 110 people on the group e-mail list, and there are several new artists who recently signed our MOMENTUM guest book, and I have not added them yet. The size of this group proves that we have a very large community of local artists who want to exhibit their work! Let's keep the MOMENTUM going!

Angie Villa, Gianni Villa, Sarah Fulton, Matt Lewis, Pete Lewnes, Joe Skrapits, Gregory Coates, Rafael Canizares, Duane"Yodi" Vaden, Phillipe Belhache, Rosemary Geseck, John Gaydos, Glenn Lash, Chris Neyen, Zehra Follweiler, Cheryl Hochberg, Georgine Miller, Dave Baun, Jim Gallucci, Rick Hildebrand, Nathan Marzen, Mr. Imagination, M. David Snyder, Mohamed Mansour, Dave Molloy, Barbara Hughes, Erik Drumm, Alexander McPherson, Chris P. Jones, Greg Weaver,
Antonio Salemme, Monica Cabrera, Jeff Williams, Lee Butz, Rudy Ackerman, Gaya Ilangairatman.

And special thanks to Kiki Nienaber, The Butz's, Yodi, Phillipe, Greg, Rafa, and everyone who helped hang the show, Peter Lewnes, Joe Skrapits, The Antonio Salemme Foundation, Sarah and Matt, Deborah Rabinsky, Sharon Hillman, Joan Gaydos, Jenn Semm, the gallery sitters, Miriam Huertas, Allentown Arts Commission, Fran DiBellis, Rook Jones, The Brew Works, Deli Plaza, The City of Allentown, Joyce Marin, Jay Bickford. And please feel free to add to this list in the comment section. Congrats to everyone on a successful show! It could not have happened without the group effort.


Mrs. Dottie said...

Chensters, please let me know if I have forgotten anyone, or misspelled names.

Anonymous said...

It was a great show from start to finish, even the cleanup was a success. I went to spackle on Monday and everything was done! Thanks to whoever did it.

I'm looking forward to getting together again soon. I think it's important to regroup in a couple weeks (at Chen?) to discuss how this show went and take some time to hang out.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Maybe we could get together for Malaysian night at Chen, third Friday in January?

I forgot to mention thanks to all who helped with clean-up and take down of show!

M said...

i just wanna say thanks for the op to show
always a pleasure especially in meeting new people
especially in the arts
here's to charging forward
and thanks to kiki for wrapping my painting..even though it wasn't wrapped to begin with

joe skrapits said...

Thanks also to our lighting angels--Chuck Kalan of the Allentown Arts Commission, Center Stage Lighting and Rigging of Allentown, and especially to Allentown firefighter and lighting rigger extraordinaire Tom Rychnovsky. We couldn't have done it without you guys.

Itz Me Dave said...

I was only able to be there for two hours - one pre-opening and one as the first guests were there. Aside from that was tied up with work and pretty much have been since.

I enjoyed my time at the opening, met a few new people and took some pics too. I hope to post some of the photos soon!

Thanks so much to all who made this event such a succesd! I am proud to have been included in it!