Monday, December 15, 2008

Opening Night Success

Friday's opening was a huge success and a total blast! Artists mingled with art enthusiasts, enjoyed some wine and a delicious bite from Deli Plaza, the shop owned by artist Mohamed Mansour, which donated trays of yummy treats for the event.

TWO pieces of work sold Friday night - a papier-mache head made by Yodi and a small cow painting by the late Greg Weaver.

On Saturday morning, a quick look at the sign-in book showed 136 people registered Friday night. And there were more people there than that...those are just the ones who chose to sign in!

Here are some images from Opening Night. These photos were taken right before the doors opened, so there are unfortunately no crowd shots. Enjoy! And don't forget, the "Momentum" continues Monday through Friday from 11-2 and closes with a potluck artist party (open to the public) on Saturday from 5-9 pm. Please come and support our local artists!

Kathleen and a Mr. Imagination piece work the sign-in table

Georgine's work

Philippe's work

prepping the table

Rafa's paper sculpture, completed opening day

Ro's colorful pieces

Molloy's metal sculpture


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Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Alfonso Todd's video interview with Kiki:

Jay said...

I remember someone was walking around taking pictures of the group, it was one of gregs friends, I can see if we can get some of those for the blog.


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Anonymous said...

I have to confess, I had such a good time chatting and chowing and drinking that I didn't spend enough time admiring the art! We'll go back tomorrow - everything looked amazing.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Monica Cabrera sent us a really nice photo of Gianni with Mr. Imagination. I will post it tomorrow.

Nice post Pancho! Opening night was a HUGE success. CHARGE!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I did not attend the opening reception but I plan on veiwing the exhibit possibly next week.
Is there a list of the names of the local and regional artists that participated in this exhibit?

Best Wishes!

Joyce Marin said...

I just posted some pictures of the crowd on the blog. Funny, I took pictures of the scene, and forgot to take some of the art. We should definitely work together.