Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Momentum' Gains Momentum

As of Tuesday, Dec. 2, more than 50 art works by 25 artists have been submitted for 'Momentum' show at the Butz building in Allentown (opening Friday, Dec. 12--check out the flier in the earlier post for details). Kiki and the installation crew will be in the space the rest of this week (beginning around noon each day) so there's still time to drop off work if you want to be involved. The posters and fliers have gone out and Geoff Gehman is doing a piece about the Chen Group for this Sunday's Morning Call.
The space is tough--wall space is tight and lighting is, shall we say, not optimal--but the Chensters are tougher. We have an incredibly imaginative and hard-working team, and solutions seem to be appearing as we need them; today we got a promise of a loan of theatrical lights for the run of the exhibit. Now, if we can just get those 4 20-amp circuits installed...
I know this isn't a Christmas show, but I'm beginning to think of it as "the miracle on Hamilton Street." Five years from now we may look back on it as the art show that changed Allentown.


Sarina said...

I'm glad to hear there will be lights! And that 50 pieces will be in the show. "Momentum" really seems to be an appropriate title.

Mrs. Dottie said...


I have 32 artists listed as participants. I was there on Monday and it was a thrill to see the art work in the building.
Thanks to everyone helping to make this happen.

Bill Villa said...

Great blurb, Joe! And isn't it cool how "solutions appear as they are needed" with this group. Amazing what can happen in Allentown when people work together. Charge!