Sunday, February 26, 2012


The meeting took place at House of Chen, 732 Hamilton Street. The meeting opened at 7:11 pm after those gathered at 6pm had time to socialize and enjoy a meal.

Attending: Loretta Becker, Alison Bessesdotter, Michelle Bodomer, Steven Condra, Davina M. DeLor, Zhera Follweiler, Heather Haas, Ana Hamilton, Ellen Ann Kafkalas, Tracey Lopez, Rafael Lopez Jr., Georgine Miller, Monica Santos-Navarez, Tara Shuey, and Annecatette Zeoli.

Ellen Ann Kafkalas opened the meeting by congratulating the artists who sold pieces at Metamorphosis: Alison Bessesdotter, Eileen Cressman-Reeder Heather Haas, Kate Hughes, Tracey Lopez, Michelle Neifert and Susan Weaver. A total of seven artists sold nine pieces, so all in all in all the show was a success in terms of sales and great PR for the group.

Kudos went out to Tracey Lopez, who chaired the receptions and all of her volunteers who worked for so hard.

A report on the money from the show was offered.

We took in $365 in submission fees. Out of that $350 was spent ($150 on space, $100 on musician, $100 on receptions) and there is $15 left toward the next show.

Dates for the next show at the Community Gallery Allentown Art Museum, which Georgine Miller secured for the group, were discussed: Sun, May 27 to Sun, June 10. Georgine signed the contract for the show, and a $200 fee will be charged for the two week rental.

The museum hours are: closed on Monday, open Tuesday–Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm and on Sunday: 12 pm to 5 pm. All business will be conducted during those hours. The Drop off was scheduled for 11am-1pm, which hanging directly after from 1pm-5pm on Saturday, May 26. The opening reception will be held from 2pm-5pm on Sunday, May 27 and the closing reception will be held from 1pm-4pm on Sunday, June 10th with a 4 pm artwork pick up. All artwork must be picked up that day after the closing reception.

Georgine pointed out that the contact states we can have alcohol; however we have to pay quite a hefty insurance fee. The group then decided alcohol was not necessary at the receptions.

The theme of the next show “Bridges Outside the Box” was introduced. The group is going to encourage all artists to create artwork that addresses this theme. To make sure we can hang all pieces for this show, only one piece of art per artist will be accepted. The submission deadline is April 30th. All forms and monies need to be in by then so that we can budget appropriately. At that time a photograph of your piece should also be submitted so that we can use the pieces in pre-publicity efforts.

The group decided on a $20 entry fee this time around.

We decided on a musician for the opening and poets for closing again. Michael Wall offered his services to play at the opening. He’s a classical guitarist, who is more than happy to offer background music for the opening. Cleveland Wall offered to put together the poetry portion of the closing reception, featuring about six poets.

A Discussion of how the sales will be handled took place. Instead of taking the name and number of the person interested in the piece at the opening, we should actually take the money as well.

A brief discussion of the name change to New Bridge Group was offered up. The response was positive, and based on positive feedback from the last show, the change will be gradual. For now the group will be called the New Bridge Group + Chen Arts, and eventually the transition will include dropping the Chen Arts. A reminder for the meeting on May 10th from 2pm-5pm at the Antonio Salemme Foundation where more discussion about the future of the group would occur was made.

A prospectus for the "Bridges Outside the Box" show will be sent to the New Bridge Group + Chen Arts before the end of February.

The meeting then ended at 8 pm.

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