Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Invitation from Soft Machine for open mike night 2/24, 8 pm (The Outlet Unplugged)

725 North 15th Street, Suite 7
Allentown, PA 18102
484 838 4252

8 to 10 pm (or later)

THE OUTLET UNPLUGGED 'OPEN MIKE' NIGHT and comedian Tyler Rothrock

On Friday, 2/24 from 8 to 10 pm, 'The Outlet Unplugged' will be using the gallery to feature comedian Tyler Rothrock as well as provide a space for an 'open mike'. Let's say it's an open-minded microphone too. Inventive ideas/variations of performance are welcomed (from Soft Machine's standpoint). i.e. performance art, spoken word, movement, dance, music, comedy, just plain silence and noise, etc. Let's shake this up a bit and push some expectations. And I think we can also speak for "The Outlet Unplugged". Of course, all mediums and ideas are welcome. It's open! If you've been wanting to perform for an audience (any medium), this sounds like a chance. Sign ups are at 7:30 pm, Tyler Rothrock starts everything off at 8 pm. The Outlet Unplugged intends on having this the last Friday night of every month. This is a free event and will be BYOB.

Tyler Rothrock is a writer for 'Pretending to be on TV' and has performed as a part of ArtsQuest's 'Two Laugh Minimum' comedy series and has hosted 'Tickle Me Tuesdays' at the Bethlehem Brew Works.

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