Monday, March 15, 2010

Group Show Discussion

I know many of you are interested in having a group show this summer. You may have heard that we are unable to use the community room at the art museum due to the expansion project taking place this year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a new show location?

Please feel free to start a discussion in the comment section of this post. Moderation is down for the time being to enable the conversation. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

when will the cosmopolitan be opening (across from symphony hall)? That might be a cool tie in with their grand opening. I enjoyed the show at the Butz building in their open space. Not sure when/if that restaurant is supposed to open there, but if it doesn't open soon, that might be a cool space.


Sarah said...

Hi Geoff,

The Butz show was gorgeous. It's a beautfiul space but I don't think we'll have the chance to use it anymore with a restaurant coming in.

I think Cosmopolitan is opening this summer. Maybe they would host a's an interesting idea.

Antonio Salemme Foundation said...

I'd be happy to make the Salemme Foundation gallery available to the Chen Group for a show this some. There'd be some logistics to work out, but nothing like what we had to go through with the Butz space. Let's talk.


Mrs. Dottie said...

I'm gonna throw some ideas out for discussion:

I think we should pursue the restaurant idea, Cosmopolitan would be great when it opens, maybe Brew Works, House of Chen, Bay Leaf? Maybe rotate monthly.Good exposure for local artists.
Here are some other ideas:

There's a community room at the LV Heritage Center. It's small, but maybe we could do a small works show there? Ro Geseck works there painting murals, and I have spoken with the director who seems interested in our group.

How about the Liberty Bell Shrine Church where Pip the Mouse is performed? I believe they hold community events there. It's a good location on Hamilton. Anyone know anything about that?

How about building on the the success of our June show,we could inquire about a future group show at the A-town Art Museum, upper levels, since they are expanding? Also,can their gift shop showcase some local artists?

Baum School of Art Gallery?

Approach the mayor about showcasing local artists at City Hall, rotating exhibition?


Mrs. Dottie said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the offer, that sounds great! I vote for Joe's idea, seems doable for the summer.

Sarah said...


A show at Salemme would be great. Thanks for the offer. It's nice you already have electricity and all the modern conveniences necessary for a group show! Plus, your gallery is a manageable size.


I like your suggestions for multiple venues. There is certainly no lack of space along Hamilton. It would be great to stretch out a show (kind of a walking tour) along the downtown.

Sarah said...

Just an aside - while we're on the topic of group shows - the Chen artists' Re-Urbanization show (13 cubes) will be set up outdoors in the Arts Park on June 19 as part of Allentown Freak Out.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Hi Sarah, I posted my long comment before I saw Joe's. Actually, one of Barba-Del's ideas from our first meeting was to utilize the restaurants on Hamilton. Anyway, Salemme space would be perfect for our next group show. Thanks Joe!

Mrs. Dottie said...

Should we shoot for July or August?
I gotta go now, talk later!

Sarah said...

I would lean towards August. Summer gets busy so fast. Let's see what more people have to say in the meantime.

Yodi said...

At 221 N. 8th Street there is a mansion. It is Owned by Mr Nelson A. Diaz. An exhibit was held in October 2009 and I was honored to display my work alongside many other artists. A diverse cross section of the artist community was shown. The art work looked wonderful displayed throughout the architecturally impressive house. I believe it is their goal to become a community center promoting art. Deb Rabinsky can add to this...she curated the show.

Chris Neyen said...

There are some nice possibilities here. Personally for a big group show I'd much rather not see it in a restaurant.
Salemme Foundation gallery, and others mentioned are enticing. I doubt the Museum, but who knows... nothing is out of the question.
I also like the idea of either having or hosting a small works show[separately]
After the Butz show[maybe we were spoiled] Hamilton does seem ideal.

Sarah-the place I mentioned to you is no longer available....

zfollweiler said...

Off the Beaten Path ideas. (1)Network with other charities or Organizations. I'm looking to connect with Larry Snyder from the Lions Club for their 15th annual Arts and Crafts Fair at the Grove in Neff's Church July 25th. Also talking to United Way to see if they are receptive to a silent auction as Sue Highet's at the Baum (March 19th, BTW). Could a cluster of us rent a booth (or several for that matter)at Mayfair? Could a cluster of us get into Chriskindlemart, Banana Factory or Musikfest for that matter? So many artists, and I am guilty of this myself, want to just spend time with their craft and not so much with marketing. Marketing is so bourgeoisie. It is a neccessary effort to be visible to the public. Sometimes you have to treat your art like a craft.

Mrs. Dottie said...

I think we have to be careful that we are not spreading ourselves to thin. I think the group gallery shows should be centered in Allentown, and more specifically in our downtown.

It's a uniquely different scene here,it's not like Bethlehem. Allentown is more gritty and authentic in my opinion. And we have certainly proven that our group is made up of of high caliber professional artists capable of producing high quality gallery shows. We just need a home!

We want to attract people to our downtown, which is not an easy task considering the negative press and the perception that Hamilton St. is not safe. If we could use more vacant storefronts, that may encourage someone to open a gallery.

Yodi,I did not get to see the show at Mr. Diaz's house but we should contact him and find out if he would be interested in hosting a Chen group show.

Z, I understand that marketing is important, and that's why I think exposure in local restaurants, at city hall, would be helpful to market local artists. Then city officials, business leaders, and other patrons could purchase local art for their buildings,and offices. We gotta get it out there for them to see. If they say they support the arts, then they should buy something from a local artist!

Chris, I agree, a restaurant is not the best place for a group show, too many distractions, not the best presentation for fine art.

Sarah said...

I like the idea of using Salemme or the Diaz house. A "small works" show sounds like fun.

If individual artists want to approach businesses to show off their work, I think that's a great idea, but maybe not something for the whole group to get into.

We've coordinated quite a few storefronts (between Yodi, Greg, Diane and I) and no one has opened a gallery yet. But I'm still up for trying! :)

E. A.. said...

I, too, think we should stay in Allentown, if possible. The Salemme Foundation offer seems viable. Another space that exists in Downtown Allentown is the Caring Place. Renaldo did a benefit show there recently in the cafe, but Mary, the director, says they have a large space on the third floor. Perhaps it would be worth exploring.


Sarah said...

Hi Ellen,

Caring Place is a great location, too. I've never seen their 3rd floor space. Sounds promising. I feel like we have a lot of good ideas here. We could use all the feasible spaces over the next three or four group shows. No harm in planning ahead!

michael molovinsky said...
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Pancho said...

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Thank You

Anonymous said...

if you are thinking about the liberty bell shrine, Bob Stevens in the pastor. He is also the chair of the Allentown Center City Association. Very approachable guy.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the contact name, Geoff.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Georgine said...

These are all great ideas. I have been inactive for awhile and am eager to get back involved. I agree that the group shows should stay in Allentown. The original idea of the group was to support Allentown artists and the city of Allentown. It is also nice to share other possiblities to show work individually and in subgroups but without moving the Chen group shows from the city. Personally, I love the idea of the Salemme Foundation for a show. And, restaurants are good exposure but would there be enough control for safety of the works? Anyway thanks all.

Sarah said...

All right. It looks like I need to circulate an email about using Salemme this summer and see who's interetsed. Maybe we should save the Caring Place and the Diaz house for future shows.

Anonymous said...

What about the A-town Freak Out? Other than the cube installment, maybe another display for other artist in the group. The new PP&L building has vacant space on the bottom right? (Amazon cafe and Johnny Mannana's) Perhapes a window show?

-Heather Haas

Mrs. Dottie said...

I think we have some good ideas to look into for future group shows.
Georgine, have you seen the local art displayed in restaurants in downtown Easton? I think Allentown could do the same kind of thing. If Symphony Hall starts to have more shows like The State Theatre does, that would attract many people to the downtown restaurants for dinner and a show.
Heather, those vacant windows you mentioned would be great, but we would need permission, and that could be an issue. Maybe Matt can address the visual art plans for the Freak Out Festival?

Sarah said...

Re: Allentown Freak Out

We have talked to a building owner about hosting a show during the festival, but of course, we would want all work submitted to be avant-garde or unusual in nature, since this is a fringe festival. A well-known volunteer has offered to curate. We are waiting on approval for the space. From what I hear, it would be difficult to get permission to do anything inside PPL Plaza. I've also heard there are tenants lined up for those spaces, so they may be occupied. Great idea, though, Heather. It is a beautiful building and would make for a great gallery.