Monday, March 22, 2010

Arts Advocacy Rally in Harrisburg

From Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania:

Dear Fellow Arts Advocate:

House Bill 2279, commonly referred to as the budget bill, is expected to be voted on by the full PA House of Representative next week. In the current version, the line item for Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) grants is at $10 million. If HB 2279 passes in the current form, it will certainly be changed by members of the Pennsylvania Senate when it goes to the Senate Chamber after the House vote. Last year, the Senate voted to ELIMINATE the line item for arts grants and it could happen again this year. Help us prevent that from happening.

Join your fellow arts advocates at the 2010 PA Arts Advocacy Rally at the State Capitol in Harrisburg on Monday, April 26. It could be our only chance to let the members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly see how important the arts are to our communities, our economy, and to our schools.

For more information or to register for the rally, click on the link below. While we would like you to register for the event, it is not required for participation.

Click HERE to register.

Jenny Hershour
Managing Director
Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania

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