Monday, September 7, 2009

Hamilton For Rent - The Second Leg

A new art display will be installed in downtown Allentown starting Tuesday.

Hamilton For Rent - The Second Leg is the latest installment of artwork gracing the vacant windows of buildings around 9th and Hamilton. The show is playfully called "The Second Leg" because it will coincide with the Univest Grand Prix, an international cycling time trial which takes place Friday, Sept. 11 from 11 am to 2 pm.

Starting Tuesday at 4 pm artists will be installing their work at several windows around 9th and Hamilton. Yodi has graciously worked to secure the locations where work will be displayed.

Cyclists from around the world will be competing on a course that passes through downtown. Thousands of visitors as well as international media are expected to attend the event, generating a large audience for the local artists who plan to show off their pieces.

Please come out to watch the exciting event and to support our local artists.

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Sarah said...

Installation went well yesterday. We have wood pieces from Wilhelm, jewelry from Heather B., a sculpture from Greg, paintings by Ro, Chris N., Ted O. and Matt L. A sculpture by Matt, Ryan and Dan and puppets coming from Yodi. The pieces are on view at Holiday Inn (9th and Hamilton) and 813 Hamilton (former Dandy's building). Thanks to the owners & managers for their support and cooperation.