Monday, September 28, 2009

Meeting Notes, 9/26/09

There was a small turnout Saturday, but the faithful group that did arrive had an evening of good conversation.

Here are the items that came up while I was in attendance (I unfortunately had to leave early):

Window Project Update - The "Hamilton For Rent" group currently has one display downtown. The show for the bicycle race has been taken down. Plans are in the works to continue securing windows. Marilyn asked if there has been any support for materials with this project, but it has been entirely unfunded and functions as a vehicle for showcasing artists' work.

Pumpkin Art Idea - Art N' Soul studios is planning a Halloween art event that would invite artists to submit carved/designed pumpkins for display. More details are coming.

Winter Show? This one remains open for discussion. The group briefly discussed doing something the week of the city's tree lighting, which takes place next to PPL Plaza. One member suggested a former warehouse near Turner Street for use. We just need more suggestions and a lot of volunteers if we want to make something happen.

The next meeting is Sat. Oct. 24 at House of Chen.

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