Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Velocity" Opens Sunday

Here is the coverage that appeared in Friday's Easton Express-Times. Thanks to reporter Melinda Rizzo for the positive article:

The Chen Arts Group's upcoming show "Velocity" aims to pick up where last year's show titled "Momentum" left off.

"We are hoping to continue to build our own momentum and get the word out about what our artists are doing right here in Allentown," says Chen Arts Group spokeswoman Sarah Fulton.

The new exhibition opens Sunday and runs through June 28 at the Allentown Art Museum. It is the third group show by the city's only artist-led, community-based organization, according to Fulton.

By showcasing their work in a museum setting, the artists can add to their portfolios as well as providing the public a showcase opportunity.

"Having the opportunity to see their work hung in a museum with proper lighting and (arrangements) lends credibility to any artist's portfolio," says Karen Barlow, registrar and community group show organizer for the Allentown Art Museum.

"It also brings recognition to their work and provides a great space for the community to view it," Barlow says.

There will be pieces available for sale at the show, Fulton says.

Barlow says the Allentown Art Museum makes its Community Gallery available to civic and community arts organizations as well as school districts throughout the Lehigh Valley. A fee is charged for the space and the booking group is responsible for the show, Barlow says.

"We believe it is part of our mission here to make art available to everyone," Barlow says.

The Chen Arts Group exhibition will be located in the Community Gallery in the lower level of the museum.

Fulton says "Velocity" features mixed-media work by more than 30 Lehigh Valley-based artists in styles that include pop art, woodcarvings, photography and impressionist pieces.


Mrs. Dottie said...

Well we sure did build momentum with this show! Hundreds of people came out to see "Velocity."
Congrats to all for another great show in downtown Allentown. What a fabulous opening, great people, great live music,incredible LOCAL contemporary art, food and fun.

Itz Me Dave said...

Wishing I was able to be the and participate. Too much work with little time for play kept me on the bench for this one. Good luck to all involved!


Anonymous said...

I want to thank everyone that made this show happen and letting me be a part of it. It was cool to see what kind of work everyone else in the group does.

Joyce Marin said...

Show us pictures! I was waylayed and didn't make it to the show. I feel so guilty. But, I'm dying to see the crowd. Please show pictures!

Mrs. Dottie said...

I have asked Rafa to send me some pics of crowd. He took lots of pictures. Gianni took pics of mostly art work and the grand piano! Anyone else take pictures?

Anonymous said...

I'll have some pics up next month on Lehigh Valley Flavor,