Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Emancipation of Paper: An exhibit of work by Yodi

A show featuring the work of the tireless Allentown artist Duane "Yodi" Vaden opens this Friday, July 3, at Home and Planet in south Bethlehem.

A reception will be held from 7-10 p.m. at the gallery at 25 East Third Street, Bethlehem.

On display will be masks and puppets made by Yodi who is known throughout the region for his work with the Street Theatre Alliance and area youth. There will also be an outdoor display of puppets not featured in the show.

Yodi recently coordinated the "Hamilton for Rent" show that is still ongoing in the storefont windows at 955 W. Hamilton Street, Allentown. He coordinates Artists in Action, performs stiltwalking and shares his large, handmade puppets at various events. He has exhibited and volunteered with the Chen Arts Group.

Visit the Home & Planet website for more info on "The Emancipation of Paper" or visit the link to Yodi's site on the right side of this page.


Mrs. Dottie said...

Looking forward to seeing this show at Home and Planet. Yodi does amazing things with recycled paper. RE "Hamilton For Rent" (art work in vacant storefronts in Allentown)- I left this comment at the Allentown Good News Blog, but I think it's worth repeating here:

This is great news for our talented local artists, and for our downtown. Many cities are using their vacant storefronts as "windows of opportunity" by allowing artists to display their work, or advertise arts events. South St. in Philly is a good example. Not only does it beautify the street, it instills a sense of hope, brings commerce to Hamilton St., stimulates ideas for future businesses, and enlivens the community. Great job Chensters!

Sarah said...

"Hamilton For Rent" has really gotten the attention of the public. I've noticed different people, young and old, male and female, of various races stopping to look at the window displays. It's nice to give them something nice to look at instead of an empty building. Thanks to Yodi for coordinating this idea. There are plans for more windows to come.

Sarah said...

Anyone have an update on Yodi's show? I've been away and haven't had a chance to see it yet.

Chris Neyen said...

I was at the opening, it's really great...the lighting and hanging really showcases the work wonderfully. The masks are intriguing in a number of ways. Especially in how they are viewed from the perspective of duality.