Monday, June 8, 2009


Friends, please consider supporting the Arts in Lehigh Valley by attending a performance of Gilgamesh. A packed house is HUGELY important in that is shows the excitement and real interest for arts events such as this one in Allentown. At a time when we are seeking support for Luminarium, 808,... etc. the success of a production of this magnitude is critical. 6 nights at Allentown Symphony Hall-It's big time!
The success of the Peace parade and Velocity has been astounding and eye opening... By showing our support in attendence for events such as these we call to action the ideas of the arts as a catalyst for change in our city.
  • Fri June 19 @ 8pm
  • Sat June 20 @ 8pm
  • Sun June 21 @ 2:30pm

  • Fri June 26 @ 8pm
  • Sat June 27@ 8pm
  • Sun June 28 @ 2:30pm
  • Ticket Prices

  • Adults $22
  • Students/Seniors $18
Buy tickets online here:


Sarah said...

I heard Pana on the WDIY Art Salon. Great job!

Joyce Marin said...

We're going on opening night to support this local theatre company. Plus, the play is supposed to be about the revitalization of Allentown, and that's somewhat related to things that interest me. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite actress,Rachael Joffred is in the play. Did you see her perform at Desales University? I cant wait to see the show.
Megan Lee