Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artistic Help Wanted

Here's a request from Sharon Hillman:

Greetings Folks,

I was wondering if there is an artist among us willing to make a simple drawing of what PPL Plaza will look like when Second Saturday is in full Swing. I understand the managing agent for the plaza is a hard sell and I thought a picture might insure the best image being placed in their minds when I ask.

Also, I'm shopping around for a graphic artist (for me personally). Of course I'm shopping "local" first.

Please call or email me. Time's a tickin'.

Thank you.
Sharon Hillman
(610) 882-1688

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Diane Teti said...

I'd love to talk more about opening this to businesses on Hamilton Street being able to sponsor an artist in their business too. It is one of the things I had been discussing with the merchants on Hamilton Street before hearing of Sharon's idea.
I'd love to be able to combine the 2 to create a great community event. I'm on Bethlehem's committee and see this example:

I suppose it could also happen on a week night as a separate event. I'd love some thoughts.