Friday, March 6, 2009

AAM Community Gallery details

Here's a look at the Community Gallery at the Allentown Art Museum. Work can be hung on three walls each measuring 18, 49 and 64 feet in length.

One downside is that work can't be placed in the middle of the room because the museum directors hold weekly meetings in there. So, all work must be placed near the walls. Even 3-D items. The room is open during regular museum hours and is used during Art After Hours events, so patrons will be able to view our work then, as well, if we decide to display here.

You can see, this space is home to a student art show right now. Each piece measured 3x2 and the room was able to hold 24 pieces. For small works, the museum can mount an 8x4 panel on the wall that little pieces can be attached to. About 28 artists have said they are interested in showing here, so we'll have to see how things can fit.

The space has one blank wall that must be left alone because it is the Projector Wall. We've been told we might be able to use the projection system during opening/closing, but that it wouldn't be left on all the time.

You can tour this gallery in the lower-level of the museum for free every Sunday. It is open daily Wed-Sun along with the rest of the museum.


Mrs. Dottie said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Sarah. The paintings seem to be in the dark, or is that just the way they look in the photos?

I think it's a bummer that we can't display sculpture in the center of the room, but on the upside, maybe for our opening and closing we can use the middle of the room?

This will be another challenge for our group, since we have close to 30 artists (multi-media) interested in showing, and wall space is limited. But I am confident we will have another spectacular show! Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this opportunity!

Sarah said...

The paintings are lit. My camera didn't capture that so well across the big room.

I'm hopeful we can use the center of the room for opening/closing, too.