Monday, January 9, 2012

Minutes from the Sunday, January 8th Chen Meeting

The meeting took place at Hava Java - 526 N 19th Street, Allentown, 12pm-2pm.

Attendees: Heather Haas, Tracey Lopez, Rafael Lopez, Alison Bessesdotter, Zehra Follweiler, Ana Hamilton, Kate Hughes, Delano Morgan, Monica Santos-Narvaez, Janet Dean-Cantalini, EA Kafkalas.

A brief discussion of the pros and cons of becoming a non-profit was discussed prior to the start of the actual meeting but tabled for a future meeting after the upcoming show.

The meeting was then turned to talk of the upcoming Metamorphosis show.
Deadline for entry was January 7, 2012. At that point in time, we had collected enough to pay Joseph Skrapits $150 for the rental of the space, and have a $20 balance. It is anticipated that if other artists who have shown an interest in participating submit their work and payment, we could net an additional $150. The need to set and stick to deadlines was discussed for future shows to help with effective budget planning.

Drop off times were set for Saturday, January 14th 11am – 3pm and Sunday, January 15th 2pm – 5pm. Sunday the 15th coincides with Salemme’s Figure Drawing Class. Anyone is also welcome to participate in the class.

Artwork may be picked up after 5pm when the show ends. No artwork will be released until the Closing Reception ends on Saturday, February 4th at 5pm. For those unable to attend the closing or pick-up that day, an alternate pick up date was set for Sunday, Feb 5th 2-5 pm (again to coincide with the Salemme Figure Drawing Class).

Ana Hamilton needs volunteers to help man the gallery during lunchtime, Mon thru Friday, 11 am - 2 pm, Jan 23rd - Feb 3rd. If you have time and can volunteer, contact Ana directly at

Kate Hughes discussed postering so far. She has done Main Street in Bethlehem and Dick Blick, and is looking for volunteers to help cover other areas. She has both postcards and posters available. The idea of keeping a master list of which businesses take posters / postcards and which do not for future shows was discussed. Coordinate that information with Kate. Alison Bessesdotter offered to maintain the list. If you need posters/ postcards, please also contact Kate directly at

Tracey Lopez discussed the Opening Reception. She currently has 5 volunteers for the opening. She will be sending out an email to the entire group to outline the needs for both the opening and closing. Georgine (via email) is donating disposables, Zehra is donating deviled eggs and crudite, Janet is donating punch and ice (with a punch bowl), Heather is donating a box of wine, others mentioned contacting her to donate additional food items. Alison B. offered to setup a food list spreadsheet for Tracey.

House of Chen will not be able to contribute any food for the opening since it conflicts with Chinese New year weekend. Tracey will ask Jenny about contributing for the closing.

Tracey also needs volunteers for the closing night reception. If you can provide food, and/or volunteer to serve, please contact Tracey directly at

Options for raising funds for the receptions were discussed. Alison suggested selling roses at the door as a way to raise some funds. Kate suggested contacting supermarkets to ask if they would contribute something to the receptions.

The procedure for sales from the show was discussed so those sitting for gallery hours will know what needs to be done. There will be a book with a list of works with artist name and contact information. Should a buyer wish to make a purchase, their name, phone number and email will be taken down and then the artist will be contacted. It will be up to the artist to contact the buyer to finalize the sale after January 4th.

Neither Salemme nor Chen Arts require a commission from sales. Del suggested we take commission for future shows to help offset costs. At this time Chen is not setup administratively for that. This was tabled for future discussion.

Other publicity was discussed. Kate Hughes will be on 90.3 WXLV from 6am - 9am on Fri, January 20th. So tune in to listen: Discussion was made about using WDIY to post an ad about the show in their art community listing.

The Lehigh Valley Mirror wishes to do an interview and photograph some of the artwork. Ellen will set that up with them, hopefully for the weekend of the artwork drop off.

Alison offered to send information to the East Penn Press and Morning Call.

Ellen will make Alison a Facebook administrator, so that she can create a Facebook event and a group invite.

The meeting lasted an hour, and no future meeting was scheduled as we need to focus on the Metamorphosis show.

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