Monday, January 23, 2012

Jared Swart and Olivia Hall: Opening Reception/gathering next Saturday January 28th!

Soft Machine Gallery presents:
Olivia Hall
'Interiors of the Hudson Valley, 'Ten Pairs'

and Jared Swart 
January 28th through February 25th, 2012
Please join them for the Opening Reception! Saturday January 28th, 6 to 10 pm

Olivia Hall, New York, NY:    'Interiors of the Hudson Valley', a body of work by Olivia Hall, of NYC, was inspired by supernatural photography of the 1800's. Hall studied photographers of the time who captured seances and mediums in photographic form. These photographs were often debunked as hoaxes, however despite their inauthenticity she remained intrigued by how frightening, organic the images were. She created her own series of photographs which have in a way become the original images' supernatural counterparts.  She places ordinary, commonplace objects suspended within carefully composed backgrounds of domestic interiors. Leaving out any reference to anything fantastical she instead focuses on the motion of the objects and how they exist within and disrupt an interior landscape, allowing our imaginations to wonder how, why.

'Ten Pairs' is a series of photographs of underwear in which Hall places along side the image, a background story which surrounds the article of clothing and/or a statement about the artist's emotional state.

Jared Swart, Allentown PA:   Jared Swart, of Allentown, PA, has been painting since he was 16 years old. Swart explains that "somewhere along the way" he began "selfishly" using art for its' therapeutic properties. Using stream of consciousness, Jared would paint the first 20 or so uncalculated random brush strokes that occurred to him. Today, his process remains mostly unchanged. Often using found materials as a surface, he considers his work to be an outpouring of what are probably his most difficult emotions to process: anxiety, fears of death, oppression, social abandonment, failure, unbridled consumerism, subtle totalitarianism, and the lack of meaning in today's civilization/culture as well as dreams of escape from this paradigm. Despite the subject matter, his paintings are quite bright and colorful.

Soft Machine Gallery
725 North 15th Street, #7
Allentown, PA 18102
484 838 4252

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