Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look at what's happening here....

Have you heard about Art Prize? It's an enormous event in Grand Rapids, Michigan (going on right now) that turns the entire city into a public art gallery.

Nearly 200 venues are participating by hosting the works of more than 1,700 artists. Each venue is open to the public, from banks and gardens to restaurants and religious centers. The entire city is in on the act. It's inspiring to look at what they're doing in Grand Rapids, for the benefit of the artists, the public and the city. I think it would be amazing to one day borrow that idea and pull off something similar here!

Top prize for the "winning artist" is $250,000, with another $250,000 in prizes doled out to multiple other artists.

Check out to see what's happening and to view bios of some of the artists and their pieces.
Pictured above: Salt & Earth by Young Kim

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