Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Call to Artists

Cindy would like to get the message out to as many people as possible. She is part of the Word Wednesday Ensemble and has an art studio called Underworld here in Allentown, Pa.

Information follows:

from Cynthia Rodriguez:

All mediums: paintings, photography, and mixed media as long as they are wall art, they either must be framed or easily hung on the wall. Because of limited space, it is limit 2 pieces per artist. --- cafe gets 25% of each and any piece sold so price your art accordingly, but don't go crazy on the price. Not to censor but try to go easy on getting too graphic because this is a family establishment, this request is per the owners. The exhibit will be up for a month, and artists will be responsible for picking up their own art after the show ends (and not before then). I will be giving the exact date when it ends to all participating artists.

Also call to performance artists, interpretive dancers, poets, speakers! Preferably leaders of or those involved in the gay community, and GLBTQ youth from local colleges and high schools, especially those who have been harassed and/or bullied in school and would like to share their story in a safe environment.

For more information call Cindy at 484-239-2513 or email:

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