Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arts Funding Update

From the PA Council for the Arts:

Dear Fellow Arts Advocates,

Just a brief update...

This morning (10/6/09), the Pennsylvania Senate passed Senate Bill 1085, a new general fund appropriations bill, by a vote of 43-6. This bill includes $11 million for arts grants through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and $992,000 for administration of the arts council. The bill now goes to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for further consideration.

The Senate also passed an amended version of the tax code bill sent to them by the House last week. This amended version does NOT include a tax on tickets to arts and cultural events.

We will be watching the House proceedings and will report back to you as the situation unfolds.

Stay tuned,

Jenny L. Hershour
Managing Director
Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania

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