Monday, February 16, 2009

From Artist Jake Jacob

I received a letter from a painter who attended our January 31 meeting at Chen. I am passing this info along to anyone who may be interested:

My name is Jake Jacob. I am a painter who knows the difficulties that artists with mental health issues have trying to afford materials and space to practice their art. To help all of us I am seeking grants and private funding to provide us materials and studio space at little or no cost to the artists who work there.

Call Clubhouse of Lehigh County at 610-433-9910 and ask for me or Bob on weekdays 8:00AM-4pm. I am usually at Clubhouse during the day, and Bob is a staff member who is helping me with this project.


Sarah said...

I wish him luck. Maybe there's something the group could do to bring light to this issue?

I hope there will be some space available at the 808 Hamilton building (cross your fingers) for Jake and fellow artists to work or exhibit.

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Mrs. Dottie said...

Jake will be attending our next meeting, so if anyone can give him any info on obtaining grants, that would be helpful. I personally do not have any experience in that dept.! Thanks!