Monday, February 2, 2009

Artist Opportunity at Civic Theatre

At Saturday's group meeting, Joe Skrapits - Chenster, city Arts Commission member, painter - announced an interesting opportunity for area artists.

Civic Theatre, home of great independent film and community theatre productions, is offering local artists a chance to exhibit work that pertains to social justice.

The theatre company is preparing for the upcoming play "Execution of Justice" (the drama that takes off where the film "Milk" ended) at the black-box space, known as Theatre 514. In accompaniment to the production, Civic is interested in hanging socially aware works of area artists in the long, open hallway/reception area at 514. Artists are invited to contact theatre director Sharon Glassman for more information. Visit for details.

"Execution of Justice" will run from Feb. 20 through Mar. 8.

***(Notes from the 1/31 meeting are coming.)

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Anonymous said...

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