Monday, February 21, 2011

Allentown artist Gregory Coates featured in Berlin show

ADA POST Presents:

Children of Paradise

February 19th – March 12th

Viewed by Appointment

Nordbahnstraße 10, 13409 Berlin, Germany. +49 (0) 30 51 06 02 24

Dada Post proudly presents our first exhibition of the 2011 season titled: Children of Paradise. This is a multigenerational exhibition presented under the banner of our yearlong Geopraxis program, and features ten highly diverse artists - who do not live or work in Berlin, although all (except one) lived or currently lives in New York.

The Artists:

Hugo Bastidas ¡ Dineke Blom ¡ Gregory Coates ¡ Edward Clark ¡ Asha De Costa ¡ Julie Durkin ¡ Nickolas Krushenick¡ Elizabeth Newman Kuiper ¡ Kazuko Miyamoto ¡ Alan Uglow

The exodus from New York over the past decade, to places like Los Angeles and Berlin, has been nothing short of amazing. It seems that New York's centrality to the art world has passed its peak, and is teetering under the weight of a “money creed with out culture”.

As Leonard Cohen famously sang: "First we'll take Manhattan, then we'll take Berlin."

Children of Paradise: in the case of this exhibition, is one that examines the interloper status (like an invasive species), which applies to non-indigenous species, or "non-native", animals whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic harm, environmental harm, or harm to cultural autonomy. The term "invasive" is used for the most aggressive species. These species grow and reproduce rapidly, causing major disturbance to the areas in which they are present – thanks to drugs – sex- and rock n roll.


Seeking/Rejecting the Emblematic in Global Culture

Geopraxis is a Dada Post yearlong program of inquiry on the state of art practice of our current era of global society. It is a program initiated by Dada Post to examine the conditions and problems of the phenomenon of globalization, and its impact on art practice.

Is it true that any environment that attracts, sustains, and retains globally resourceful artists will inevitably flourish and blossom into something new and exciting? The colonization of Berlin by a steady influx of artists from all over the world since 1989 has resulted in a consequence where Berlin has become the new global center for the disparate ideas that currently inform every kind of contemporary art. The current Berlin art scene is diverse in its condition, and very focused on the arrival of its internationalization.

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By S-Bahn:

S-1 (Direction Oranienburg) and S-25 (Direction Hennigsdorf), to the Schönholz station.

If you take the S-Bahn be sure to exit at the Schönholz station –

not the Wollankstrasse station.

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