Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notes from the 11/20/10 Group Meeting

Notes compiled by Michelle Bodamer:

Introductions: New attendees, Steven (artist) and Anthony (representation)
Steven Condra distributed invitations to his show Alternative Perception December 2, 2010 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm @ 514 Theater on 19th St. in Allentown

Walking the Edge Location Discussion: Salemme is first choice - most members felt that a place with heat would be best in January (This works out well since it's now at Salemme!)

Other group show potential locations discussed: Greg's space, Phoenix Square, Art Mart space, 514 Theater

The group would like to see a calendar of group shows set in advance (would we have this available online as well?)

Group Wish List: Exhibit/Group Show Calendar, Heather's Database of Chen Arts members, Facebook group page (I offered to create this and maintain it for the group, but wanted to ask you your thoughts first.)

Art Museum: The group discussed looking into securing the first available 2011 show in the community space planned in the museum when it opens

Walking the Edge Needs: reception, food, pick up/drop off, hanging committee
Large scale Allentown show: Georgine suggested an Allentown show that we plan in advance which could be open to all of Allentown, possibly contain more controversial work, etc.

Allentown/Easton collaboration: one meeting attendee suggested we collaborate with the Easton arts group to help each other promote shows and maybe do something together between the groups

Chen Arts Meeting attendees showed interest in having at least two shows planned per year, which would be planned out in advance

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