Monday, September 20, 2010

Meeting Notes from 9/18

There were only a dozen of us in attendance on Saturday, but we ended up having a very productive conversation about the group's mission, future and possible next show.

Ed Nowak said he likes the group the way it is and asked where we all picture it being in 10 years. None of us really had an answer but said we'd like to increase recognizability and notoriety for the group. We also agreed that we like having an open format to the group that allows anyone to participate at any dinner meeting or in any show.

Adam from Gallery 516 at Art-N-Soul Studios was present and mentioned that he would be interested in partnering with the group sometime. He is also planning some open shows that Chensters may want to submit work to.

Georgine Miller asked if we thought we could pull off another show in time for the holidays. Michelle Bodamer (who works in marketing) suggested that if we do something at Christmas that we should consider partnering to raise money for a charity. This would be a good cause and also gain positive attention for the group.

Sarah Fulton mentioned that Diane Teti is interested in coordinating another Art Mart for the holiday season. A new location must be found. Diane is looking into a space now.

Heather Haas and Ted Odoseey talked about making materials to promote the Chen Arts Group and create better name recognition. Heather suggested making t-shirts. Ted suggested buttons.

Heather will be working on an Artist Database cataloging personal info on local artists, their interests and skills.

Sarah will send out some emails and look into possible locations for our next one or two group shows.

Word Wednesday comes out of hiatus Oct. 13. Go to the Silk Lounge for a live poetry jam. Coordinator Yodi is looking for MC's and participants. See link on sidebar to get in touch with him.

"The Living Dead" themed group show opens Oct. 23 at Gallery 516 at Art N Soul at 516 Hamilton Street. Opening at 8 p.m. Costumes optional. Runs through Nov. 20.

Day of the Dead Fest is coming to the 500 block of Seventh Street from 5-9 pm October 30. The event will feature music, an authentic cemetery for remembrances, haunted house, fire performance, Salsa Taste-Off and more. Local ethnic restaurants will be open.

Lehigh Art Alliance show opens Sept. 16 from 1:30 to 4pm at Allentown Art Museum.

Please add any additions to the minutes from 9/18 in the Comments Section. Thanks.

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