Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opening Reception this weekend at Art-N-Soul

Saturday July 17
Opening Reception: The Art of Jason Lynn aka Johnny

at 516 Gallery. 8-11pm Refreshments served.Art N Soul Studios, 516 W. Hamilton St., Allentown. 610-433-4850

"Rev Stilletto is the pen name of world infamous graphic designer and tattoo artist Jason Lynn. Left an orphan at age 3 from an ill fated plane crash and raised by wolves in the cold hills of Siberia. At age 13 he was mistaken as one of his wolf brethren and was wounded by russian poachers and left for dead. Now, unable to hunt and fend for himself the wolf pack shunned him and he was banished to america...land of capitalism where he became a graphic designer. But the market is saturated, this land of opportunity lied to him, with his tail tucked between his legs he fled back to the motherland, where he was imprisoned for prostitution. But this cloud has a silver lining, inside the harsh prison environment of Russia, he learned the fine art of tattooing. Once his 25 year sentence was up, he moved back to The United States where he opened a tattoo studio, The House Of Madness & Ill Humors, in rural Hampstead, MD where he works still to this day. true story."

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