Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do we want to plan a group show?

Hi there. I recently sent out an email about holding our next group show at the Salemme Foundation on Hamilton Street. Please discuss dates, length of show, fees, planning, the comment section of this post.

Here are the basics:

Antonio Salemme Foundation is located at 542 Hamilton Street #203 on the second floor overlooking downtown Allentown.

The space is available for rent for a group show at $75 a week.

We may not be able to accommodate the 30-40 artists that we have in the past, but we could probably do 20 in this space. (I do not have the exact wall footage at this time, I am only estimating.)

Please discuss and decide if we should move forward. If someone would like to volunteer to coordinate this show, please step forward and send me an email at the address below! Thanks.



Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea.

Too bad that it may not accommodate as many artists.

Perhaps we could do a 2nd show later in the year also. (Maybe a Halloween theme...?)

-Heather Haas

Chris Neyen said...

I'm interested in helping with coordinating
10 bucks seems very reasonable
Maybe a size requirement can be determined after the space is assessed?

Possibly a themed show?

zfollweiler said...

Seems pretty reasonable amount.

E. A.. said...

The amount seems more than reasonable. Just wondering if there's a space that could accommodate everyone. It seems like people will be left out if it only accommodates only 20 artists.

EA Kafkalas

Georgine said...

Sounds good except it not holding everyone. That is a big problem for me. No other space in the building?

Sarah said...

I like the idea of first-come, first-serve. That way, those who want to be in the show will get back to the coordinators right away. No waiting around.

Has anyone considered a theme? Just throwing it out there. It seems to come up each time but we never vote on doing it! :)

Anonymous said...

How about a "miniature" theme? Pieces below a certain size would allow for more art to be hung.

-Heather H

Mrs. Dottie said...

I would be willing to enter a very small piece to save space. How about a theme of "Renewal" It ties in with renewing the downtown through the arts, and also could be an environmental theme, renewable energy in light of the oil spill catastrophe, or it could be personal renewal. Just an idea.