Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

This month marks the 2 year Birthday of the Allentown Chen Arts Group! (or is it Anniversary?) Thanks to all of the artists, supporters, and volunteers who have contributed to the success of this group. We have accomplished a lot in two years, thanks to our talented and dedicated volunteers. Let's keep the ball rolling and continue to produce high quality professional gallery shows and arts events in downtown Allentown.

Congratulations to the group for receiving an Arts Ovation Award from the Allentown Arts Commission. This award is for emerging artist/service to community. There will be an awards luncheon at The Holiday Inn on Hamilton St, May 6th. Tickets are $35.00. Please see The Arts Commission blog (link at sidebar) for more information, or contact Sarah if you are interested in attending. It would be great to see you there, because this award is for all of us. Thanks to the Arts Commission for recognizing our group.

Photo is from our first meeting. Please remember the people we have lost: Barba-Del Campbell, Bernadette Cozart, Fran Weaver, Craig from Art N Soul.

Angie Villa

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