Saturday, November 28, 2009

ART MART On Channel 69 News!

Here is a link to the Channel 69 News coverage of Art Mart.


Sarah said...

We had a great opening and even made some sales. There are many items there that make great holiday gifts.

Thanks to Diane Teti, who developed the idea, and Greg Coates, who selected and curated the work, as well as the volunteers who stepped forward to design the beautiful window and sign, clean the space, and offer their time. This is a true collaboration.

Please stop by Mon-Fri 11-2 and Fri/Sat 4-8. We will also be open Thursday evening during the city tree lighting ceremony from 4-7.

Visit us at

Rafael said...

What the artists are doing is great! My hope is that Allentown will profit from their efforts. Artists have a way of making a community all the more beautiful.