Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking for an Artist's Assistant...?

Joyce Marin, the city's director of Community and Economic Development, has alerted the Chen Arts Group to an interesting offer:

There is economic stimulus money in the pipeline that will allow area business owners to employ and train local youth (ages 14-24) on the government's dime. This summer, Chensters and other professionals will have an opportunity to hire a young person, which personal budget restrictions may not have allowed in the past.

In exchange, the young adult that you hire will receive a paycheck through the stimulus dollars, and even better, gain real job experience and training from you.

The Innovative Summer Youth Program is organized through Career Link. For applications, contact their office at 610-841-1029 or visit

Applications are due April 30 - that is Thursday. So don't delay. There are plenty of skills our area artists can teach to the youth of our region, and the youth of our region have plenty of help to offer.

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Joyce Marin said...

Who do I talk to about being misquoted? :)

I appreciate your excitement for the program, and it is exciting. However, I think I actually described it a little differently. Not "on the government's dime," but more like, "paid for by the stumulus funds."

Last I checked, the government is us. We are all the government, as in "We the people..."

This is an exciting program and one that can be used to support our local arts scene while putting young people from the neighborhoods to work. My understanding is that the program is competitive, so proposals are not guaranteed for funding.

Thanks for posting the link to Careerlink for more information.