Monday, January 26, 2009

Chensters collaborate to bring vintage art to the community

At the Momentum show in December, Chenster Joan Gaydos and Mike Fegley of the Allentown BrewWorks found they had more in common than just great taste in art...each has a special connection with Neuweiler's Brewery.

Joan's father, Frank Wilgruber an art teacher in the ASD for 31 years, created advertising and illustrations for Neuweiler's Brewery in the 1950s. Another of Frank's long term friends and clients was Yocco's. He collaborated with owner Julie Iaccoa and created the "Hot Dog King" image that is still being used today. Many of the signage in the two original stores is his work as well.

With the BrewWorks recent launch of Neuweiler's beer (which is VERY tasty by the way) Mike Fegley jumped at the chance to display 11 of these original illustrations at the Allentown location.

So next time you are enjoying a meal and a refreshing beverage at the Allentown BrewWorks, check out some real vintage art from another Allentown artist of the past.


Sarah said...

I was in there recently and saw the artwork. Cool stuff! It's neat to hear who created the Hot Dog King, too.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Way cool! I love vintage art. We will be going to The Brew Works for my dad's birthday and I will check it out.

Aubrey said...

I love this kind of cool and fun loving vintage art prints... I found more cool prints at