Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chakaia Booker Sculpture Unveilled in Jersey City

Hey Gang,

One of our own Allentown artists has a great new sculpture installed in my soon to be former hometown of Jersey City. There's a great video slideshow of Chakaia and her Allentown studio.

I have to say how proud I am when I'm back in Jersey City and see her work in the Jersey City Museum as well as this great park. Jersey City had alot of the similar issues Allentown is facing and has cleaned up over the past decade - a major contributor to it's revitalization is the strong local group of artists and forward thinking city government. Both things seem to be ramping up for us here in Allentown...CHARGE!!!

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Mrs. Dottie said...

Nice post Pete. I watched the video, very cool. I grew up in Elizabeth NJ, not far from Newark and Jersey City. I believe the arts can revitalize a city. I have posted at my blog (Lehigh Valley Somebody) about how this is happening in cities like Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

It's great that Chakaia has a studio here in Allentown. I get e-mails every day from local artists who want to be a part of our group and show their work in Allentown. Chen just keeps growing! It is amazing how many artists there are.